Server Has Been Taken Down

We lost our free server space in the Amazon cloud. 😢

Arkansas 501 Drift Assetto Corsa Server

Cars (Hope You Enjoy):

Discord Server:

Jump in our Lounge voice channel during the session. It's a great way to communicate with other drivers and learn from them, and it's fun.

Tracks We Love:

Time Track
Now Forestpark
Thurs 11 am Futatabi
Thurs 1 pm Grange Motor Circuit V4
Thurs 3 pm Hokone
Thurs 5 pm Hitabashipark
Thurs 7 pm Honjo
Thurs 9 pm Lost Intentions Drift Park
Thurs 11 pm Macparkokc
Fri 1 am Aussie Adventures
Fri 3 am Meihan Sportsland Ccourse
Fri 5 am Midpond Raceway
Fri 7 am Mikawamotorland
Fri 9 am Minami
Fri 11 am Motorland Sp
Fri 1 pm MSL/Motor Sports Land
Fri 3 pm Myogi
Fri 5 pm Nikkocircuit
Fri 7 pm Okegawa Circuit
Fri 9 pm Omc
Fri 11 pm Redlight Drift Park
Sat 1 am Sekiahills
Sat 3 am Setonaikai Circuit
Sat 5 am Suzuka Twin Drift
Sat 7 am Yamanashi-Long
Sat 9 am Yamanashi-Short
Sat 11 am Grondal Drift
Sat 1 pm Sumisuto Kart 2018
Sat 3 pm Englishtown
Sat 5 pm Bihoku
Sat 7 pm Dousojin Touge 1990
Sat 9 pm Drift Playground
Sat 11 pm Ebisu Touge